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Thank you for your interest in submitting your manuscript to us.

Chronicler Publishing we service our authors on a contract basis, and this contract is available for viewing upon request. Our contract is second to none in the business.

We require a brief outline of the novel plus the first three chapters of the book. These must be submitted as Word or rtf documents e-mail attachments.

The author can provide cover art or in the circumstance of that not being possible
Chronicler Publishing does have an art department that will work with the author to produce a cover.

We are open to reviewing Canadian historical novels. We do not accept fantasy, science fiction, or contemporary novels. We are interested in Canadian historical novels, preferably by Canadian writers, but we will consider all worthy manuscripts.

Any work sent without due care to editing will be rejected. Please have your work edited and grammar checked before submitting. We feel not only a responsibility to our public but to the dignity of our other writers. This is the reason we are so selective.

The criteria we request are listed below.
* The manuscript must be in regular manuscript format in Courier, New Courier, or New Times Roman font without page number.
* The manuscript must be well edited and grammatically sound.
* The story must have interesting theme, plot, etc. The references to the period must be factual in language as well as context.
* Sexual content must be in context and not for graphic sake.
* No pornography.
* Non-racist.
* No hate against individuals, groups, or residents today.

For further information or submissions please email: Charles O. Goulet @ Chronicler Publishing

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