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Chronicler Publishing CEO: Charles O. Goulet

Editor: Charles O. Goulet

Address: #402 17150 94A Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5T 6L7

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Telephone: 1-780-487-5133    Fax: 1-780-487-5133

  Charles O. Goulet, BA, BEd. has been writing historical novels since his retirement from teaching. To date he has published three young adult historical novels and fourteen mainstream novels.

The young adult novels are The Isle of Demons, The Godmother, and Little Snowbird. These are based on the lives of little known women who are a part of the history of Canada.

 The mainstream historical novels are The Venturers, The Traders, The Raiders, The Warriors, The Avengers, The Wanderers, The Explorers, The Founders and Alberta: The First Man, Alberta: The Tribes , Alberta: The Sun Dance, Alberta: Lord of the Prairies, Savaged Woman and Alberta: Black Gold.

The first eight are part of a series based on the lives of members of a French Canadian family who emigrated to Acadia, New France in 1670. This series is The Marin Family Chronicles.

The Alberta Series is based on the history of the Province of Alberta, Canada.

Alberta: The First Man is the story of the first humans who, about 13,000years ago, came into the region now known as the Province of Alberta; Alberta: The Tribes is the story of how the tribes of the aboriginals was developed about 4,000 BCE; Alberta: The Sun Dance is the story of the union of some tribes into the Blackfoot Confederacy prior to the coming of the White Man; Alberta: Lord of the Prairies is the story of the Blackfoot tribe acquiring the horse and making them the dominant people of the Prairies; Alberta: Black Gold is the story of the province's transition from coal to petroleum.

He is the editor of Chronicler Publishing.

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