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Chronicler Publishing

Bringing history to LIFE

The best place in the world to publish your Canadian historical novel.

Your historical novel is of interest to us.  We will assess your manuscript honestly and accept you as one of our authors with a contract that is second to none in the publishing industry. Then we will edit and polish your book, print it, and market it on all the online bookstores--Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and many others.

We are presently looking for manuscripts in the adult historical novel genre. If you are looking for a publisher, please contact us.


Chronicler Publishing is dedicated to publishing Canadian authors and Canadian historical novels. Although we are partial to Canadian authors and Canadian novels, we will consider any worthwhile historical novel manuscript.

Our definition of a historical novel is one that portrays the history of the period precisely and explicitly with strong characters that have realistic goals and conflicts.

We do not publish fantasy, science fiction, or contemporary novels. But we do publish children and young adult historical novels.

Chronicler Publishing is always looking for quality writing by known as well as unknown writers. We do want manuscripts that are professional with satisfactory grammar, correct spelling, and knowledgeable punctuation in Word format although rtf is acceptable.

If you think your manuscript is worthy of our consideration, please contact us to discuss its possibilities. We will look at it and give an honest appraisal.

Chronicler Publishing is a Print On Demand publisher and is committed to digital press.

All submissions must be via the Internet and all communication is by e-mail.

Contact us at


Email: Chronicler Publishing For more information, contact Charles Goulet, Editor-in-Chief, via e-mail .

If you are a writer, then check out our Resource Library for hints and tips on writing.

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